Culturally and environmentally diverse, the area centred on Kyogle is an ideal destination for a holiday.

Kyogle is environment, culture and village life where the original Northern Rivers still exists. Authentic rural Australia surrounded by World Heritage National Parks within Australia’s Green Cauldron. Kyogle is adapted from the Bundjalung word ‘kaiou-gal’ meaning ‘egg of the bush turkey or bustard’ or “native companion” which is a fast long-legged running bird. Kyogle Council area is 3,589 square kilometres of lifestyle with the Kyogle Township having the largest population around 3,000. Visitors love their experience of Kyogle and the surrounding villages drawn by the spectacular natural beauty of the area that flows with the essence of the authentic Australian rural character. With so much to offer it is no wonder that the Kyogle area is becoming recognised as the gem of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.
Kyogle and villages offer unique shopping experiences. Cultural retail showcases the creative arts and the opportunity to purchase one of a kind collectables, antiques and items of old world charm housed in beautiful Art Deco buildings. Markets are popular in Kyogle and Villages with two permanent ones, the Kyogle Farmers Markets every Saturday from 8am – 12pm and Kyogle Bazaar Markets on the 4th Saturday of each month. For more info ring Kyogle Visitor Centre 02 66322700.