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What is the link between Art Deco, Cars and Speed?

Speed lines are a feature of the Art Deco style, a style which adopted much from the period when fast cars, fast women, fast lifestyles, cinemas and nightclubs were all the rage. The period had its heyday from 1925 to1940 and the associated Art Deco architecture indicated forward movement and progressive times. Kyogle’s main street has excellent examples of this period.

Why Art Deco in Kyogle?

Prior to 1920 Kyogle, being close to the “Big Scrub” rainforests most buildings were timber. Some of these early buildings, such as the Masonic Lodge in Stratheden Street and Kyogle Post Office, are still standing. However in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s a series of large fires burnt whole rows of shops and
destroyed much of the original fabric of Kyogle. New buildings were constructed of more durable bricks and as the Art Deco style was at the height of its
popularity local builders and architects enthusiastically adopted its clean lines and decoration.

The Walk
The Art Deco walk takes about 1.5 hours and guides you up and down both sides of the Summerland Way. It is considered essential to walk on both sides of the street so that you can look across the road and see the varied Art Deco facades above the awnings. It also draws attention to Art Deco details such as doors and their hardware, entrances, and glazing. Start from the Visitor Centre and walk up the footpath on the western side of the Summerland Way. If you need a rest why not have a tea or coffee at one of our cafés.

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