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Event Management Guide

Thursday 29th August 2013

The Event Plan is made up of seven areas as listed in the following table which can be used as a checklist. The attached Event Management Guidelines will assist you develop your event plan.
If you are unsure or this is the first time you have held the event in Kyogle Council Local Government Area, please call Council’s Tourism Economic Development Officer for any assistance. Please check out this website it will assist you in planning events and safety guidelines.   
The most important consideration is timing! It is recommended that you will need to submit your event application into Council at least four (4) months prior to your event. Please ensure that the relevant documents and information is attached. Council staff is available to assist you, if required.

How to use this easy to follow document consisting of 3 parts:
1. Part 1: Event Starter Checklist: this is an easy to follow checklist of all the requirements and considerations needed to run an event.  It is designed so that people tick the box relevant to their event in each section which refers them to more information in Part 2;
2. Part 2: Detailed descriptions of all the considerations and requirements for event organisers with reference to templates, for applications, forms and plans required to run an event, in Part 3 Appendices;
3. Part 3: Applications, Forms and Plan Templates.

To download copy of the Event Management Guide go to

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