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Scenic Drives

  • Tooloom Falls

    Scenic Drive Number 8

    Drive through the northern region of the Upper Clarence, an area noted for its cultural significance and complex natural environment. This is a half day circuit drive which can be accessed from the Mt Lindesay Highway. The total distance is approx 64 klms on sealed roads. Much of the complexity of the natural surrounds is due to activity associated with the Focal Peak Volcano, which was active some 23 million years ago. The eroded volcanic remains of Mt Lindesay, Dome Mountain, Edinburgh Castle and the North and South Obelisks dominate the landscape during the drive. The Tooloom Falls (with a fall drop of 8 metres into a deep pool) is a significant viewing area along this drive. The word Tooloom is corrupted from the Gidabal word Dooloomi, meaning headlice, named to keep children away from the dangerous pool. Tooloom Falls is one of the most significant sites in Gidabal country and was delcared an Aboriginal Place in 1977 under the National Parks and Wildlife Act. Respect the site, admire the view and take photographs, but stay well back from the edge of the falls and keep away from the slippery rocks.